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Public Transportation in El Paso Will change: More Bus Road Are Coming

You are currently viewing Public Transportation in El Paso Will change: More Bus Road Are Coming
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El Paso, Texas – County leaders are getting together for a meeting to discuss three possible scenarios to add more bus routes in El Paso areas.


The city leaders will introduce all the areas of El Paso that have shortage of public transportation through presentation.


Vinton, along with far East El Paso, Horizon City, Socorro all the way down to Tornilo need more public transportation, as city’s leaders assume.


To fix the transportation gaps, the county came up with six scenarios on possible changes. Three of these scenarios actually meet the county’s goals to satisfy El Paso residents’ transportation needs.


About $ 6.9 million a year will be spent to realize the first scenario, which will serve a little more than 642,200 passengers.


Second scenario will add two routes to the Lower Valley into the county. It will provide 794, 500 passengers with public transportation per year, with the operating cost of $ 7.7 million a year.


After the cost-sharing method, the county would be expected to pay about $ 2 million of that.


The final scenario will serve 806,700 passengers a year and is the only scenario to provide transit access 100 percent of both rural and urban populations in the Borderland.


By December 3, the county will name the most preferred scenario, which will be executed over the next 6 months.

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