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Red Sands: Party Goers Cause Major Disruptions

You are currently viewing Red Sands: Party Goers Cause Major Disruptions
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Red Sands, TX – The area hosts thousands of people per year. With the current pandemic, many are looking to get out, but with no proper guidance of authorities, many regulars are feeling that people might be partying too much.

Red Sands is a great place for families to escape to the outdoors. During the current pandemic, many are looking to get out while still remaining within the safety guidelines.

Some families and regulars feel different. Jamil Moutran of the Texas Rescue Patrol gives clarification on the issue:

“It’s been more of a tailgating party type of atmosphere where they have had DJ’s actually come out here and cater to a large group of people. So when you get a lot of youngsters out there, that are partying and drinking and things like that, well you know, fights ensue.”

While many families are used to large-scale parties, its typically normal. With the larger amounts of fighting going on- its leaving families scared.

“A lot of them have been pent-up for months. When they come out here, there’s a shorter fuse than normal. That is where we see the fights,” says Jordan Irvine with his family.

With many staying inside, it only makes sense to try and get out. How far out? Well, the great outdoors is a pretty good option. unfortunately, they also come as a go-at-your-own-risk type of setting.

This leaves many not feeling that they need to abide by standard safety procedures. From sharing drinks, to physical contact, the area is seeing these parties get out of hand.

“We are seeing these events get really out of hand. We’ve also been seeing inexperienced people drinking and trying to drive through the more challenging parts of the park,” says Irvine.

A local food truck has been appearing at these parties in order to help people sober up. By providing food, these people can handle the outcomes a little better.

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