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Republicans Halt Local Rules In Pursuit Of Control

You are currently viewing Republicans Halt Local Rules In Pursuit Of Control
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In the Lone Star State, it’s very rare that anything ever goes the way you might imagine it might. Maybe the COVID-19 pandemic won’t be a big deal but it is. Perhaps people will stop trafficking and sneaking humans in the USA past the border illegally but they don’t. What if there was a chance some out-of-state tourists could learn how to pronounce Whataburger correctly? Hah. Fat chance. What a tragedy.

No, truly, Governor Greg Abbott has his work cut out for him. In a never-ending push by the Republicans, there’s a whole bunch of controversy in the urban areas as the House Bill 2127 is being enacted, due to local ordinances stepping in the way. Specifically, what this does this law do?

It eradicates the power local communities have by flipping progressiveness in the name of business. Not only that, but the Republicans swear to God that this flip would stop the indies of the Texan cities, from El Paso to beyond, that they could have any say on how to handle their own local problems. To this degree, there’s no telling the count of laws that might be considered illegal.

So what does HB 2127 do to be so cruel in particular?

Local ordinances will no longer be allowed to have their control over labor, natural resources and even finances. As of the moment it gets passed into an official law, the HB 2127 will allow groups like the National Federation of Independent Business to stop locals from taking a handle on local regulations. The positive here is that it allows business owners to take back control. This could be a positive for urban areas that need more commerce to power the local economy.

And yet, Governor Abbott seems to be the only fan outside of the proposing party.

Governor Abbott wishes to refuse the micromanaging of business in Texas, while it drives upwards the costs for local businesses. However, there are a load of opponents that are stating the measure to be a huge pain in the rear end that won’t allow local governments from handling community properly. The critics themselves include local officials, environmentalists, labor advocates and even Democrats. It simply isn’t fair, as stated by those critics who believe there will be no local choices that can be made regarding health, safety and well-being at the local level. It’s always necessary to be on your toes, and it looks like many will be as the bill starts effective immediately as immediate as September 1st is, being that it will kick out ordinances in the big Texan metropolises that otherwise ask for 10-min water breaks.

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