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Shelby American Promises a Special Car Announcement in December

You are currently viewing Shelby American Promises a Special Car Announcement in December
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Shelby American is based on the ratio of generating comments with the smallest amount of words. In fact, the carmaker is doing well. There was a simple post that showed a photo of a current-gen Mustang not that well hidden under a cloth wrap. The company did say the following on Facebook: “December 15, 2021…something special is going to be unveiling. Thus, now, 1200 Likes and 590 Shares later, people are, in fact, curious about what sprucing-up Ford may arrive next month.

Shelby Automobiles Became Shelby American in 2009

The car is under wraps which most likely is another carmaker-modifying Mustang. Actually, December 15th is an important date in the history of the Las Vegas-basing tuner: December 15, 2009. That is when Shelby Automobiles again then became Shelby American. That was a truly great day in automotive history!

GT350 to a New GT500KR

Informed and wildly uninformed, there is great speculation across the internet. That is what the carmaker has up its sleeve which it ranges from a modified vehicle which is the GT350 to a new GTR500KR. However, there are some voices that are claiming the news will be about a Shelby Bronco model. Though it might seem very ridiculous thus considering the obviously non-Bronco shape of this teaser. But, then again, the 2022 Ford Bronco production is going to be on December 15th.

In fact, we can speculate and familiarize ourselves with some of the company’s recent doings. The carmaker is displaying the modified Shelby Mustang Mach-E concept at SEMA earlier this month. Moreover, this model was equipping with the special Recaro racing seats, graphene-infused composite materials, and the traditional blue and white stripes on the exterior. In fact, Ford also began taking pre-orders for the 2022 Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 have taken place. In fact, this model has a starting price of $76,695.

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