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Shopping is Encouraging Local With ‘Buy El Paso’ Program

You are currently viewing Shopping is Encouraging Local With ‘Buy El Paso’ Program
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Shopping is important to keep a local city in a Southern state thriving economically. Small Business Saturday has already passed. Yet, the region is hoping to give encouragement to the community to keep shopping locally.

Shopping Supporting Local Small Businesses

On Saturday, the city is hosting “Buy El Paso Days.” The community is encouraged to shop and eat locally all this week. This is part of the initiative. It is in support of local small businesses. This is based on a news release from the city.

Success and Economic Growth

“In fact, committing to supporting local businesses for the city of El Paso. It is to ensure their success and economic growth in our community,” said Economic and International Development Director Elizabeth Triggs. “Therefore, it is crucial to support local small businesses and thus we encourage the community to buy local on December 4th.”

“Buy El Paso” Inititiative

The “Buy El Paso” Initiative is what the local businesses are participating in. That offers prizes as part of a daily raffle.

There is a public need to participate in the raffle which will find the “Buy El Paso” pinata. Thus, there are participating local businesses for that day. Then scan the QR code. Also, take a photo of the piñata and then post it on social media tagging “Buy El Paso” to be entered in a daily raffle.

On the social media pages of Buy El Paso, there are clues on where the pinatas are located daily.

“Buy El Paso” Description

Created in 2020, Buy El Paso, does address the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. This devastation did cause many local businesses to shut down permanently. There has been funding set aside about Coronavirus Ad, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) to establish the Buy El Paso program. However, it would be to promote and invigorate the demand for local small businesses through a partnership. Therefore, this is with the Better Business Bureau. Moreover, it is according to a news release from the city.

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