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Sierra Blanca Car Transport

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Sierra Blanca is a census designated place (CDP) in and also the county seat Hudspeth County, Texas. The little know town is part of the Trans-Pecos area of western Texas. The city is set just northeast of the Mexican border and falls in the Mountain Time Zone. Last updated by the 2010 census, there are 553 citizens in Sierra Blanca.

Interestingly, Sierra Blanca boasts the only adobe courthouse in the great state of Texas. It also has been the junction of the Southern Pacific and Missouri Pacific railroads.

Weather in Sierra Blanca is extremely hot in the summer with cool evenings. There’s often blasts of wind which creates troublesome dust storms. Also, the winters in Sierra Blanca can get stiflingly cold.

Certainly, Sierra Blanca is a small city but that also represents its charm. Plus, the cost of living here is 20% lower than the entire rest of the country. That alone is reason enough to settle in this rustic Texas town.

El Paso Sierra Blanca Car Transport

If you’re plotting a move to Sierra Blanca to get away from the rat race or to simply enjoy it’s moderate cost of living then definitely look up El Paso Car Transport. We’ve been in the business for over 12 years and have amassed a loyal customer base.

El Paso Car Transport provides easy and convenient door to door vehicle shipping. This way you can focus on the other aspects of your move and the car will arrive right to your new home. Plus, if time is an issue, we offer expedited car shipping so the vehicle meets you in your new home as soon as possible. Even better, El Paso Car Transport can handle military equipment shipping and accommodate corporate relocation. Basically, we’re adept at dealing with any kind of vehicle situation there is!

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