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Small-Business Truckers Wouldn’t Mind Trump’s Second Term In Office

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I don’t like getting political. Let’s just admit that. Nothing good ever comes from arguing about politics because then you just have a result of people seriously disliking each other. In the case of this election that is making it’s way to the horizon, most small-business truckers believe that Donald Trump would be excellent to have around for the next four years.

The OOIDA or Owner-Operator Independent Drivers Association, representing nearly 160,000 small-business truckers, gave Trump’s Department of Transportation the best regards.

After all, drivers do need to be allowed to use their semis to find a bathroom, even on the end of their shift.

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The OOIDA also loves federal trucking officials for all the out-reach there has been through customer service. It’s even been noted that officials of the Federal Moto Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) have been way more present these days than during the times of the Obama years.

Currently, the folks have no idea what a Biden perspective would mean for small businesses and their logistics teams. They’d probably work for worker interests and likely restart talks on helping create a new federal surface transportation spending law. They haven’t seen one like that since the FAST Act, released all the way back in 2015. You just don’t see those anymore.

If anything, OOIDA is more skeptical about a new Congress cha-cha. The many legislators in that area haven’t understood the importance of supporting a highway bill and thus may create more worry than excitement for the foreseeable future.

But none of this change happens unless you vote. I’m not saying Trump’s bad for the country. And I’m not saying Biden’s good for the country. I’m saying you should vote anyway. It’s the proper thing to do if you want to see this country tell us some history before our very eyes. Be a participant.

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