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Stellantis Reveals Big Electric Vehicle Plans For The Brands In Need

You are currently viewing Stellantis Reveals Big Electric Vehicle Plans For The Brands In Need
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Stellantis was able to absorb so many companies in the past. What about it keeps it growing after merging Fiat Chrysler Automobiles and Peugeot maker PSA group? Probably the spread of brands is really what is solidifying the stance for Stellantis. So what exactly does that mean? Well, for several different brands, including the Jeep, Alfa Romeo and Dodge subbrands, the electric vehicle outreach is endless.

Dodge was going to receive a plug-in hybrid but the Jeep group is delivering their own EV in the first half of 2023. Stellantis is looking to promote the rebound before the year ends. For Alfa Romeo, there are plans to produce EVs alone by 2027. Meanwhile, Maserati is creating their own electric car. It’s also to be recognizable as the Gran Turismo.

Furthermore, Stellantis is showing their Jeeps and Dodges and Rams and Chryslers advance in electronics.

3There will be more plans for two brands, the Alfa Romeo and the Maserati before long. Whereas Alfa Romeo is showing the fully electric lineup in 2027 while Maserati is skipping hybrids and shooting for EVs. This is to show an electric lineup by the age of 2025. The GranTurismo EV itself is looking to arrive in 2022 before another in 2023.

This is all a positive push for the electric vehicle community. Because when you see such strides like these being made, you realize that there’s a real power in what can be demonstrated as far as adaptability goes in the grander market of ecologically minded people who know just how to really be wiser about where to take ambition when it comes to advancing products. This is all to strengthen the integrity of the automobile industry and it would really be a shame and a crime if it weren’t acted upon properly and carefully with enough attention to higher detail.

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