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Steps to Take to Prepare For Auto Transportation

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Washing your car is an important first step!
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Before you make a move, we highly suggest giving us a call and scheduling an auto transportation service to make your move easier! If you decide to have an auto transportation service, there are some things we highly recommend to all of our customers to do before having your car actually shipped. Follow our guide below on what steps you should take before you have your vehicle shipped!

Despite what you may think, wash your car!

We highly suggest giving your car a good wash before you have it shipped! Even though you may be confused by why, since it would likely just get dirty while in transit, there is actually a very real reason as to why! Washing your car allows your vehicle to have a clean slate. You want a clean slate before shipping so that you can accurately see the condition of your vehicle and know of any damage your car may have prior to shipping. For example, you can see any scratches and scuffs. This is important as it allows you to then keep track of any damage that may arise during the shipping process. Be sure to make note of anything that you do notice on your vehicle prior to shipping for this reason!

Limit the amount of gas in your tank!

The sweet spot, when it comes to your gas tank, is actually right around 1/8 – 1/4 full. Shipping with a full tank increases the risk of leaks, therefore increasing the risk of damage. Additionally, it unnecessarily weighs the car down. However, shipping on empty leaves no room in case of an emergency. That is why you want some gas in your tank, but definitely not too much!

Lock down any loose items!

Having loose, unsecured items in your car while shipping puts your car at unnecessary risk of damage. Loose items could roll around and bang against things causing problems for you later down the line. We suggest to simply avoid this risk by removing all loose items that you can and securing anything else down that you do not/cannot remove.

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