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Team From El Paso Electric is Heading to Florida

You are currently viewing Team From El Paso Electric is Heading to Florida
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EL PASO, TEXAS – El Paso crews are going to visit Florida to support with power restoration after Hurricane Irma. A team of electricians will be heading from El Paso to Florida soon. They’ll help clean up the destruction and restore electrical power to millions of homes that do not have it as of now.

The utility company sent 19 employees, from which 15 employees are linemen. Two safety representatives are also heading to Florida. Material and mechanic service personnel are involved with bucket trucks and other equipment.

El Paso Electric Team Has Its Work Cut Out for It

The Associated Press recorded about 7 million homes to be without any power and electricity by cause of the hurricane Irma. Therefore, the electricians clearly have a lot of work to do!

The work process will begin on Monday when it becomes safe to work and restore. At the moment, El Paso Electric does not know how long will take the restoration. Florida will need extensive aid, but its full extent will come about eventually.

EPE had received several calls in the past for the restoration due to the weather.  Lately, EPE has sent utility employees to North Texas where more than 207,000 houses were without power due to the thunderstorms and floods.

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