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Teen Involved in a Drug Deal Argue Shooting

You are currently viewing Teen Involved in a Drug Deal Argue Shooting
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EL PASO, Texas —  17-year old Moses Jack Popp is arrested by the detectives with the Crimes Against Persons Unit and charged with murder for the shooting death of 16-year-old Trevion Veal.

The incident took place just before 3 a.m. Monday at the apartment complex located at 5250 Wren, police said. Someone called the police to report that they had heard gunshots in the complex. The officers responded quickly, hopping into their vehicles and leaving as soon as possible. When they arrived, however, they realized they were too late.

Officers found the victim, Veal, lying dead in the parking lot from a gunshot wound. He was only 16 years old, adding to the tragedy of this terrible event.

Shooting Caused by Drug Deal Gone Wrong, Cops Say

Investigators learned the victim, Popp and others had “agreed to some illegal narcotics deal at the address.” However, it seems apparent that the narcotics did not exchange hands. In fact, a deal never went down at all. That’s because an argument began before the deal that led tragically to the death of one of these teenagers.

Veal was shot during the drug deal, police said. a firearm was produced, and the victim was shot.

Police located Popp later in the day and booked him into the El Paso County Jail on a $750,000 bond.

Police said Popp’s mug shot will be released when it no longer compromises the on-going investigation.

The Police Department continues its investigation and more arrests are anticipated. This is the third murder of 2018 investigated by the El Paso Police Department. Of course, there will be more before the year ends. The unfortunate reality of living in a city as big as El Paso is that people will always commit crimes. Hopefully there will be fewer than usual this year.

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