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Tesla: Software Update Improves Speed Accuracy

You are currently viewing Tesla: Software Update Improves Speed Accuracy
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Tesla’s Autopilot software just released a new version, improving speed accuracy.

The new software enables the ability to read speed limit signs. This overall improves the accuracy of the speed limits on the dashboard.

Another interesting addition is the software’s capability to understand when a light turns green. The new program would notify the driver of this, but will not move on its own.

Back in April, the recognition of stoplights and stop signs was enabled. This original version would make the car slow down, whether the light was green or red. This would obviously be a nuisance to Tesla drivers.

This initial software was based on the technology from Mobileye. In 2016, Tesla started to make their own updates. Because of this, the newer vehicles would rely on GPS database of speed limits on the road. This was not something to rely on.

Progress in Accuracy, Not So Much in Autopilot Updates

Back in April of 2019, CEO Elon Musk had made a prediction of the available features. He made a statement that mid-way through 2020, drivers would no longer have to keep their hands on the wheel.

If Tesla just recently made an update for the sake of speed accuracy and green light recognition, there’s a reason why the cars aren’t fully autonomous.

In reference to another one of Musk’s bold predictions, he also foresaw production in 2020. He thought that the manufacturer’s technology would be so impressive, people would send their cars to be of use to public transportation when idle.

Since Tesla is still in the midst of making updates, being “feature complete” by the end of 2020 doesn’t seem trustworthy.

Compared to other companies with self-driving features, Tesla is avoiding the use of lidar sensors. Lidar sensors use light to feel out the range of the Earth. Other companies rely on this type of detection.

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