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Texas Declares El Paso a ‘Healthy Community’

You are currently viewing Texas Declares El Paso a ‘Healthy Community’
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According to the public health department of our city, The State Of Texas has just made it known that El Paso is now known as a Texas Healthy Community, which makes it eligible for statewide and nationwide recognition as one of the best! As a result, they have been given the silver recognition from the Texas Department of State Health Services for reducing risks for chronic disease while promoting healthier lifestyles and just loving cleaner living overall. When looking at the program, you can tell that it’s serious by the way they assess communities in eight indicators of a major priority. worksite wellness programs, environmental health, access to quality health care, healthy aging, physical activity areas and opportunities, healthy food access, mental health and emergency preparedness. Surprisingly, this is easy for our city’s leadership as they’ve been able to snag the reward before.

Three times actually! From 2020 to 2022, so far!

Being recognized like that on a statewide level at least a is awesome because it’s the most righteous indication that good work pays off. It’s a commitment, therefore, that improving community health allows for the staff to raise their standards and keep upholding motivations that will get their own lives will improved as well.

One wonderful thing about the Texas Healthy Communities program is that it assists all walks of life in the Lone Star State, so that no one ever has to walk alone.

By trusting the TxHC, other towns in Texas can assess their environment, assess their policy, and implement changes therefore, all in the greater interest of reducing disease like cardiovascular, stroke and many other chronic ailments.

The Factors That the TxHC Looks Into Are As Follows

  • Physical Activity
  • Healthy Food Access
  • Healthy Worksites
  • Environmental Health
  • Health Care Quality and Access
  • Healthy Aging
  • Mental Health
  • Emergency Preparedness

Texas congratulated El Paso for providing sufficient hospitals, and other health care providers. After all, they promote prevention and treatment when it comes to stroke signals. Even other residents are able to help I.D. cardiovascular disease and stroke from a mile away. Such recognition comes in the form of campaigns to help the local population remain healthy.

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