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Texas Experiences Crazy Weather

You are currently viewing Texas Experiences Crazy Weather
The tornado luckily did not lead to any fatalities.
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Earlier this week, a massive tornado tore through parts of Texas, wreaking havoc everywhere it went. Now, as we end the week, Texas is expected to be hit with such extremely high temperatures, experts worry about the power grid. The city worst hit by the tornado was the city of Temple, a city just northeast of Austin. They were in such a poor place for the tornado that the city declared a state of emergency drawing all focus to the tornado while the rest of the date prepares for the intense heat wave. During the actual tornado, other neighboring areas were struck by heavy thunderstorms.

A shelter has been opened in Temple to aid displaced people from the storm.

The tornado was so severe that cars were overturned, power lines collapsed, and full buildings fell. Luckily, no deaths or even severe injuries have been reported in the wake of the tornado. While people celebrate their health, many mourn their homes. Images have been released of roofs that have been fully torn off due to the power and proximity of the storm. As Temple, Texas recovers from the storm other parts of the United States are issued tornado warnings.

Now, Texas residents have extreme heat to look forward to.

An extreme heat wave is expected to hit the Gulf Coast, setting forth record heats for Texas and Florida. Last year, they each experienced their hottest May, and this week is seeming to wrap up a year that will beat last year. Temperatures above 100 are expected for Texas throughout the long Memorial Day weekend. In addition to the heat, humidity is expected to be very prevalent as well.

Experts already expected a hotter summer than in the past, as well as crazy weather patterns due to climate change, however, these trends were not expected to start so early in the summer season. If the trend continues as it appears it will, meteorologists have expressed concern for public safety. Heat is the most common weather based killer in the U.S. so they warned people to stay ahead of the heat as much as they can.

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