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Texas Wildfires Continues to Grow

You are currently viewing Texas Wildfires Continues to Grow
Hopefully a change in weather patterns will help stop the spread of the fires.
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Texas has been engulfed in flames as a wildfire burns through the Panhandle. The wildfire has grown to be the second largest fire in the history of Texas. There have been evacuations, power outages, and tragic scenes as the fire continues to grow. The fire started as several, more spread out fires that have all sort of grown and expanded. Now, they feel far closer together, feeling like the state is all together in one large flame. The largest of the individual fires has gotten to over 800 square miles and has even jumped into Oklahoma.

The hardest hit areas are the small towns who are struggling to cope with the damage.

One town, Fritch, only has a population of around 2,000 people. The entire town was evacuated. They have still not been allowed to reenter their homes as the city is still deemed unsafe. A spokesperson from the Hutchinson County Emergency Management department, Deidra Thomas, released a statement via a social media livestream. In the stream, she compared the damage to a tornado, saying homes and buildings are destroyed. She expressed concern and empathy for the residents of Fritch for the sights they will see when they are given the go ahead to return home.

At this time, there has not been an answer given to explain what started the fires. There are a number of possible factors though that they have already begun discussing as having worsened or at least aided in the spread of the fires. These are strong winds, dry grass, and far warmer temperatures than the area is used to at this time of the year. In many cities in which an evacuation notice has not yet been issued, authorities are suggesting residents pack and prepare for a possible evacuation.

Texas’ Governor Greg Abbot has labeled 60 counties as under a disaster declaration.

Firefighters are hoping for a reprieve as of today with an expected weather change. Starting today there will hopefully be a trend of cooler days with less wind. There is even a chance for rain as of today and tomorrow, a fact many are happy to hear. If the weather conditions continue along the same trend they currently are at, high temperatures and strong winds, many worry about how much more these fires will progress.

It is our sincerest hope that through all of this, you all stay safe!

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