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Three Men Invaded and Robbed House in Richmond, TX

You are currently viewing Three Men Invaded and Robbed House in Richmond, TX
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On Monday, three men snuck into a house in Richmond, TX with masks on.

At the time of the invasion, there were 4 people in the house. Two were kids and the other two were adults.

The men hit the door until it broke down and entered the house.

They attacked the father of the kids. Then, they headed towards the kids’ bedroom and took the 7-year-old boy as a hostage.

The masked men took the little boy to the bathroom and put him in the bathtub. They held hot water on the boy’s body to make his father tell them where all the valuables are in the house.

The father told them where the cash was stored and where everything else was in the house.

However, the man still remained in the house for about an hour searching for other things as well.

Dad of two told police that the men went through everything in the entire house, throwing everything around and ended up stealing a few things.

According to KTRK-TV, the men stole money, jewelry, a cellphone, car keys, and a few other items from the house.

Richmond, TX Officers Responded Quickly

The Fort Bend County Sheriff’s Office got an alert of robbery and quickly sent police officers to the location of the house.

After the robbers fled, police arrived at the house. They rushed the little boy to the hospital to get treatment.

Doctors claimed that the boy suffered some burns and had fluid in his lungs, however, he will recover.

The dad was also taken to the nearest urgent care in Richmond, Texas to be treated for the injuries that were caused by the attack.

The other two members in the household were not injured but were very shaken by the incident.

Neighbors who spoke to authorities expressed shock at the robbery.

The investigation is on-going and police remain in search for the three suspects involved in the invasion and robbery.

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