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Tips for Preparing Your Car for Transport

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Are you preparing to transport your car across the country? Check out our excellent tips on how to get it ready! You don’t have to do much to prepare your car, but it’s worth doing these things to ensure your car’s safety on its carrier.

Take out all valuables

When you’re getting your car ready for transport, it’s important to remember all the things that may happen to it on the road. While we take all precautions to keep your car in perfect shape, there are some things that are out of our control. As such, you’ll want to take all your valuables out of your car before hand. This can help protect your car from opportunistic thieves who may see your car as a target while it’s parked. And it ensures that even if something happens to your car, your other valuables will be safe and sound.

Clean the car and take pictures

One of the most important things that you can do when preparing your car for transport is to clean it thoroughly. This is especially important if you choose open car transport for your car. It may seem counterintuitive to wash it first, but washing your car is the best way to ensure you can see any damage it sustains in transit. Taking pictures helps with this too, as you’ll know if any scratches or dings were caused by the transport process. Any car transport company worth its salt will want you to keep it honest, and El Paso Car Transport is no exception. We want you to have peace of mind that we will take good care of your car.

Empty the tank

Car carriers have to carry very heavy loads, often with many cars on the same trailer. Because of this, it’s important to reduce their load wherever you can. In addition to removing any valuables from your car, you should also make sure to remove any unnecessary weight from your car. This includes gasoline! Not only is gasoline heavy, but if you have a leak, it can create other problems for your driver. So make sure you don’t fill up before transport. Leave enough in the tank to get it to a gas station at the other end, but no more.

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