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Transmountain Volunteer Cleanup Crew

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A group of volunteers are doing good for the city on Saturday! As part of a community effort to help keep beloved our beloved Transmountain Road in El Paso clean, volunteers are forming a cleanup crew this weekend. Many volunteers plan to meet there and clean up trash in the surrounding areas.

The area they have particularly in mind encompasses Transmountatin Road from Interstate 10 to US Highway 54. And, everyone is welcome to join! Especially those who regularly make use of the road for hiking, biking, running, and more.

One of the organizers of the event is Erica Rocha. Rocha calls the area “the gem of our city” and that the event is about more than just picking up garbage. She wants to raise awareness about how much is thrown away and where it is littered. She hopes that the city as a whole becomes more dedicated to preserving the landmarks.

As Rocha stated, “It’s really important because I love our city and through this I really realize that the environment is very important. The mountain is home to wildlife, the mountain is home to vegetation and we need to take care of it.”

Transmountain Road is Important to El Pasoans

Transmountain Road passes through Franklin Mountain State Park, in a perfect spot to view both the sunrise and sunset. Both visitors and residents find the spot iconic for the city.

So, the cleanup event will also see the presence of organizations such as Adopt-A-Highway and the Franklin Mountains State Park. Any volunteers who want to join the effort can meet at the top of Transmountain Road. Everyone will begin in the area known as “Smuggler’s pass.” The cleanup is set to take place from 8am until 12pm. What do you think about the efforts to clean up our El Paso landmarks?

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