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Truckers Feel Ostracized by Buc-ee’s Ban

You are currently viewing Truckers Feel Ostracized by Buc-ee’s Ban

A couple of things we know for sure about Texas. Everything there is bigger and people love their Buc-ee’s. For Texans, these convenience stores represent an oasis out there on the open road. They offer gas pumps, plenty of parking, tidy restrooms, and lots of food.

Texans regard Buc-ee’s as a ‘must-do’ during any road trip. There’s just something about seeing that distinctive giant beaver sign glimmering amid the cattle and oil pumps. After all, where else can you get pecan pie in a jar, Texas ‘que, pajamas, and a car wash all in one single location? Not to mention it’s just an exit right off the highway. I mean, who could pass up that kind of variety?

Truth is most people can’t pass up these highway superstores with endless fuel pumps, expansive parking, and copious restroom space. And believe me, it attracts the full gamut of people. However, it’s pretty clear there’s one group this beloved store is not trying to target – truckers.

Almost every single one of its 34 locations prohibit semis. The signs scream out from the entrances in bold lettering: “No 18-wheelers.”

Customers love this exclusion, because they consider Buc-ee’s a destination not a pitstop. People go here not because they’re on the road and it’s convenient, they seek it out. Even pop stars agree Buc-ee’s is the place to be. Just last month Pink wrote on Instagram, “Truck stops in Texas. Don’t ask, just do it.”

Funny enough many of the responses to her post zeroed in on the fact that she referred to Buc-ee’s as a truck post. This didn’t fly with many Texans who truly do regard it as a ‘destination’ spot.

Buc-ee’s Doesn’t Like Truckers?

At any rate, the reason Buc-ee’s forbid trucks is because they are striving to provide the best experience possible. A Buc-ee’s spokesperson emphasized that they offer the world’s cleanest bathrooms, great food and plenty of parking. Put more directly, the spokesperson said that Buc-ee’s is optimized to satisfy passenger vehicles.

This is all well and good, but to truckers it feels like their being banned for a different reason. After all, Buc-ee’s stridently advertises it has the cleanest bathrooms. So, for truckers, it feels like they’re saying something about how clean they are as people. In other words, the sentiment among the trucking community is that they’re simply too trashy for this establishment.

Sure, this is something to their reputation as being disrespectful to codes of cleanliness at roadside establishments, however, most truckers bristle at this notion.

So what do you guys think? Should semis be allowed at Buc-ee’s?

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  1. Shermenia Jackson

    This is absolutely horrible!!!! It’s also discriminatory. How would Buc-ee’s get their products if it were not for truckers? You cannot lump one group into a particular category. Some truckers are “cleaner” than the customers shopping in passenger vehicles. Get it together Buc-ee’s!

    Proud Wife of a Trucker

  2. Wolf

    They only have locations because trucks brought EVERYTHING to build it including the roads and equipment to build the damn roads!!

  3. Angela Roberts

    I wonder what would happen if you put up signs saying you wouldn’t allow gay people. Berry you wouldn’t get to far. Banning the very people that bring you your supplies is just down right horrible. You are being racist against truckers.

  4. Kyle

    It’s no more discriminatory than “Professional Drivers Only” signs in Pilot/Flying J.

  5. Kyle

    I worked maintenance for a chain of convenience stores that also had truck stops. There is a small percentage of truck drivers that ruin it for all. Sadly, the good ones get the bad rep too. The bad ones steal tire chucks from fueling lanes, leave full 13 gallon trash bags sitting in front of trash cans, steal all the paper towels from the dispensers, take the whole box of courtesy gloves, leave urine filled 2 litre bottles all over the parking lot and in the fueling lanes, steal entire rolls of toilet paper from the bathroom, and the list goes on. These things did not happen at our non-truckstop stores.

  6. Krista

    My hubby and I are owner / operators truck drivers and have been told to stop there because they r awesome. Well, A truck brings everything you have.. Since they ban truck drivers it holds true to my non driving life. We love to travel for vacation as well. We will never support this chain…

  7. Jim Walker

    My wife and I stopped at a Buc-ee’s for about 20 minutes. Our first experience. We had our brand new bobtail Western Star. We bought about $150 worth of stuff and found a REALLY strong sticker on my driver window sayi my truck was not allowed. I was parked beside an oversized F450 pulling a gooseneck with construction equipment. When I confronted the manager, he said that the owner doesn’t like trucks or truck drivers. Never will go back. Neither will my friends or family.

  8. Jules

    There is a shortage of safe truck parking nationwide which the government refuses to address. Bucc-ees uses up so much land that just a small amount could be used to alleviate the need for a few truckers to park and get some rest. Simply because they take up a lot (emphasis on a lot!!!) of land near major thoroughfares truckers travel, Bucc-ees refuses to portion off a small amount of resources to allow a few trucks to park. They certainly take up enough space to do so. Just another example of profiteering without a conscience. Vote with your dollars.

  9. Jesse

    As a driver for 26years I’ve watched as companies hire less & less professional drivers. Why? You ask? Well I refer to it as the “Walmart mentality” they want everyas cheap as possible & don’t care how it happens. So after a driver gets experienced he or she moves on to a better paying job /company that pays for a higher quality more professional driver. Not all drivers are trashy but theres a percentage that is. Still this is discrimination but, I’ve lived this long without Buc-ees, so I figure I can keep on doing without them.🤷🏻‍♂️😏

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