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Trump Sued by El Paso for the Fake Emergency!

You are currently viewing Trump Sued by El Paso for the Fake Emergency!
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Nearly two weeks after President Donald Trump’s visit to El Paso, the county is suing him for his fake national emergency declaration. This county is not the first to sue him over his extreme evocations. This city, along with various others filing lawsuits against Trump, claims that this attempt to go over Congress’ head and take money for his inessential border wall is a violation of U.S. rights.

El Paso County government officials as well as the non-profits civil-rights group, Border Network, created a 39-page complaint against Trump.

The lawsuit sheds light on the numerous issues with his campaign rally from last week.  Trump lied about crime statistics within the city to raise funds for his wall, despite his assertion that Mexico will pay for it.

The lawsuit establishes that even before 2000, when sections of the wall were added along the border, El Paso was still a low-crime area. While Trump claimed that the rates dropped after the pieces of the wall were added. Informed citizens responded to Trump’s claims with facts. He retorted that the facts were doctored and that “they’re full of crap.”

El Paso County believes that Trump’s tactics are doing more harm than good. It’s not Trump’s own businesses that suffer when he slanders facts. The citizens are afraid of tourism plummeting and businesses losing customers.

Lawsuits Across the Nation

Trump now faces lawsuits from El Paso, 16 states (California, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Hawaii, Illinois, Maine, Maryland, Michigan, Minnesota, Nevada, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, Oregon, and Virginia), and two public interest groups (Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington and Public Citizen).

The House of Democrats have also clashed with Trump on the issues. They plan to block the national emergency. A week after Trump has made the declaration, there have been numerous problems.

So, what do you think? Is El Paso right to sue Trump?

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