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TTUHSC and the Care Van Program Gets a Gift from CFT

You are currently viewing TTUHSC and the Care Van Program Gets a Gift from CFT
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TTUHSC (Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center), El Paso and The Caring Foundation of Texas (CFT) announcing a partnership. They will team up to help give underserved communities in the El Paso area access to preventive and primary care. It will be right in their neighborhoods.

Care Van Mobile Health Unit

The CFT, in 2019 is the major sponsor is Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Texas. They graciously donated it full-time, There will be the exclusive use of a Care Van mobile health unit to TTUHSC El Paso. It will address the huge need for access to health care in the region in El Paso.

The Care Van is now being used by the Foster School of Medicine’s Mobile Medical Student Run Clinic (MSRC). In addition, to Texas Tech Physicians of El Paso clinics. As well as other departments that are part of the university. Where future Hunt School of Dental Medicine students will train is at the Texas Tech Dental Oral Health Clinic. They will also use the Care Van when the clinic will in fact open to the public.

TTUHSC El Paso Funding

The CFT has a commitment to more funding to the TTUHSC El Paso which in fact will be used to support Care Van-related activities and programs that have a direct impact in battling the pandemic. This would include:

The equipment purchased for the Care Van includes a blood pressure cuff and monitor. As well as testing supplies and a disinfectant sprayer for sanitization. Moreover, these items will be using during outreach events. Thus, help keep students and community members safe and secure during the COVID-19 pandemic.

They will give funding to cover stipends for students, In addition, to the outreach kits. Moreover, students in turn will assist with educational outreach and in the response to COVID-19 as well as other health issues affecting underserved residents.

The best news is the CFT pays all costs associated with the Care Van’s use, including insurance, maintenance, tolls and gas.

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