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Van Horn Car Transport

Discover all you need to know about El Paso’s Van Horn Car Transport services!

Van Horn is a town in and a county seat of Culbertson County, Texas. Based on the 2010 Census, Van Horn boasts a population of 2,063 people. Interestingly, it’s the westernmost located incorporated city in the Central Time Zone part of the state of Texas.

Van Horn is definitely a small town in the truest sense of the word. The town claims in total about 2.8 square miles which is all land, no bodies of water. It does boast Three Mile Peak which is almost 5000 feet in elevation and has a proud ‘V’ for Van Horn carved into it. The site offers gorgeous 360 degree views. Plus, this is just one of several beautiful outdoor destinations in the small town.

Interestingly, in 2008 Jeff Bezos of Amazon purchased quite a bit of land in Van Horn where he houses a startup space tourism company called Blue Origin. As of 2016, Blue Origin was still just performing test flights.

Van Horn Car Shipping with El Paso Car Transport

Life can be incredibly unpredictable and change comes fast. This means you may have to suddenly pick up and move to another city. If it just so happens that you’re headed to Van Horn to start a new job or lay down some roots and raise a family then definitely consider El Paso Car Transport.

El Paso Car Transport is a respected and highly skilled auto shipping company that’s happy to tackle your move to Van Horn. We offer convenient door to door shipping so this aspect of the move can be as painless as possible. Plus, we provide both open and enclosed transport options. And, depending on the urgency of getting your car, we can arrange expedited car shipping.

El Paso Car Transport ships vehicles every day and you can count on us to deliver your vehicle within the appointed time-frame without issues or delays. In fact, if you’re moving a whole business to Van Horn, we’ll even perform a corporate relocation. Bottom line, we’re ready and experienced to undertake any kind of vehicle shipping job there is.

Some of our other services include:

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Dealer Car Transport

Auction Auto Transport

And many more valuable auto shipping services!

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