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Volkswagen ID.8 Larger Electric SUV has Been Announced

You are currently viewing Volkswagen ID.8 Larger Electric SUV has Been Announced
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Volkswagen has made many big announcements about the carmaker’s future. Also its strategy and the vehicles it will plan to launch. Moreover, the biggest announcement it is sharing is that the automaker is working on and thus planning on launching an even larger electric crossover called ID.8. It will be about the size of today’s Atlas Model. It is selling in North America and China. In fact, it may also be a three-row vehicle.

Volkswagen ID.8 is Quite Large

Moreover, the manufacturer didn’t go into any more detail about the ID.8. However, we can look at the Atlas for reference. Then see what we can expect. That would be at least in terms of size. In fact, The Atlas is just over 5 meters (198 inches) long for the three-row version. Therefore, it sits on a wheelbase that measures 2.98 meters (117 inches) and even though it’s about as big as a Touareg. The vehicle is underpinning by the MQB platform. It is also using in Golf, for example.

In fact, we can, therefore, expect the ID.8 will also get the MEB platform that all other ID-badged models ride on.

Volkswagen does see the ID.6, which is basically an extended ID.4 with three rows of seats, as a replacement for the Passat. Moreover, it does make us wonder what plans the automaker has for the production version of the ID Vizzion. It is a much more Passat-like electric model. Though, it is not mentioning here, even though it seems like the wise choice.

It might be Volkswagen’s global view, to replace the Passat with a crossover. In 2023, the start of production was reportedly scheduling for 2023 (in sedan and wagon body styles), and it will provide up to 435 miles / 700 km range, as well as be a rival for the BMW i4 and the Mercedes-Benz EQE.

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