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Which Works Best For You, Open or Enclosed?

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This trucker is shipping with open air auto transportation!
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When faced with the incredibly important decision of whether or not you want to have your vehicles shipped for your move with our open or enclosed auto transportation services you do not have to be alone! Look to us to help make your decision! Here you will learn all about the pros and cons of each shipping method to help make your decision a little easier.

To start, let us understand open auto transportation.

Open air auto transportation services, also known as open air auto transportation, is a form of transportation in which your vehicle is shipped on an open truck bed. The vehicle is carried with a trailer that has security by its metal bars that surround the vehicle on the truck trailer but lacks complete surrounding of the vehicle. This means that vehicles are surrounded and secure, but still exposed to, you guessed it, the open air! Essentially, this leaves your car in the position of still having safe shipping practices, but at risk of exposure to natural elements. If the driver hits rain or windstorms while in transit, your vehicle will go through those as well.

The biggest pro with open auto transportation is the cost. Our price for our open transportation is always the best in the industry! Also, with this shipping method you have the availability to ship several vehicles at once, making it a great option for families that own multiple cars!

For those who want a bit of extra protection, enclosed auto transportation is the shipping method for you!

Enclosed auto transportation is a more secure form of transportation as it involves a trailer that is fully surrounded by walls. The trailer can be secured with either soft sided or hard sided walls. Soft sided walls would mean the trailer is one that regularly serves as an open air auto transportation trailer but has canvas walls put up to fully envelop the car, adding some protection from natural elements. Hard sided walls are fully built in walls, making the trailer essentially a room for your car on wheels.

The biggest pro of this form of shipping is the extra layer of protection that you get against things like rain, wind, and dirt. However, there is a higher cost because of this. No matter what form of shipping you choose though, you will still have your vehicle shipped by the safest hands around!

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