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Winter Auto Shipping: Keeping Your Car Safe in the Cold

You are currently viewing Winter Auto Shipping: Keeping Your Car Safe in the Cold
Enclosed shipping is highly recommended during the winter.
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This time of year, the car transport world tends to slow down a bit. After all, people don’t like to move in the cold. That doesn’t mean that people don’t use auto shipping services in the winter, though. From snowbirds heading to warmer climates to escape the cold to people taking advantage of the lower cost of shipping during these months, plenty of people choose to ship their cars during the winter. However, if you want to join them, you’ll need to make sure that you and your car hauler take the proper precautions. Here’s how we ensure your car’s safety during a winter shipment.

During the Winter, We Strongly Recommend Enclosed Shipping

Enclosed car transport was made for the winter months. The protection that one of our enclosed carriers provides your vehicle is all the more important in the winter months. During a time when rain, snow, and hail are much more common, the potential for damage to your car from severe weather is much greater. That’s why when people ask us to ship their cars during the winter, we make sure they know the risks associated with open shipping. Of course, your car will have full insurance coverage no matter what, but it’s important to weigh the risks.

We’ll Help You Plan Your Shipment for the Right Time

Timing is much more important for winter shipments than for shipments at other times of year. First of all, we’ll have to work around serious weather events like snowstorms that can make our routes unusable. However, it goes beyond just that. Are we really going to try to ship a car during some of the busiest travel days of the year? No. We’ll work with you to find a timeframe that gets you your car when you want it without causing unnecessary issues for our team.

We Take Greater Precautions for Winter Shipping

Our team is careful with every auto shipping order we get, but we take even greater care during the winter. This starts with loading, which we’ll do very carefully. We’ll secure your car tightly with straps and check it multiple times to make sure that there’s no chance that it’ll jostle around during transit. Our drivers are the real stars here, though. They know that it’s incredibly important during the winter months to take it slow on the roads. While they’ll make sure to stay on time, driving carefully is a must during the winter months. We know you want your car ASAP, but you also want it in one piece. Our team prioritizes safety in the winter months, so you won’t have to worry about us putting your car at risk.

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