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Worker Shortage in City Scrambles to Fill Positions

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Worker Shortage is a Real Challenge
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Worker shortage have been creating issues for the different industries across the country, and El Paso is no exception.

“Also, when we started looking at the numbers, it does start at around 400 and it is now getting closer to over 500 in terms of positions that need to be filled,” said Laura Cruz-Acosta, spokesperson for the City of El Paso.

Worker Shortage – Fire and Police Departments

The worker shortage within the city is impacting the fire and police departments, environmental services, parks and recreation, streets and maintenance, and other departments.

“Also, this is constantly in flux. Therefore, we need all of those folks, and those are some of the most essential positions that we have are the essential departments that we have in our community,” said Cruz-Acosta.

The city had a job vacancy percentage of about 13.3% in January 2020. This is according to Cruz-Acosta. Moreover, this past January the vacancy percentage did rise to 23.2%.

The largest number of job openings the city has had in recent years said Cruz-Acosta.

The services the city is actually able to provide. There is impact, she said. “Therefore, the bond office has been closed by the municipal court. Also, we have our tax office call center. There is an increase in the average queue. Therefore, we have a lot of folks who are asking, ‘Hey, did you get the tax payment that I made?’ We have looked at those issues as well and we’ve also reduced the operating hours with Sun Metro and with the library services for example,” said Cruz-Acosta.

There is a shortage which is a combination of pandemic-related issues. Plus workers retiring from their positions.

“There are people who been out ill or who have changed their priorities. It occurred over the court of pandemic and then we have a large percentage of folks are retiring,” she added.

“There are people who have been out ill or have changed their priorities over the course of the COViEandemic and then we have a large percentage of folks who are retiring,” she added.

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