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XPO Has Brokerage Tech With Flexible Solutions For Shippers

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XPO Logistics knows exactly what they’re doing. In the case that they know how communication is key to innovation. And from there, transportation and logistics companies alike have to interact and listen to shipping partners in such a conveninet way. XPO VP of business development, Jake Schnell, says that they’re always listening to their customers and their needs. Isn’t that swell?

XPO is developing a brokerage carrier network to allow for mroe freight movement via dedicated lanes and leveraged assets in separate XPO lines. Therefore, this allows XPO major amounts of capacity. Isn’t that nice?

XPO knows the right way to go!

 “We listen to our customers’ supply chain challenges and use our capabilities to come up with  great ways to solve those challenges,” Schnell said. “If you are a shipper and you’re looking for size, scale and technology, we should be talking. We can deliver capacity and service when you need it most.”

When it comes to technology, XPO may be best known for its XPO Connect platform. The digital freight marketplace, launched in 2018, is used by shippers to track and trace their shipments, get a quote and manage their spend with XPO. Schnell highlighted that almost 90% of XPO’s brokerage orders have some part of the transaction automated. This automation is accelerating and ultimately saves time for shippers.

“We have a lot of expertise with carriers and shippers, especially in adapting  to unpredictable environments and changing demand – a lot like what we’re seeing today,” he said. “With Connect, we’re able to provide customers with real-time visibility into freight status, up-to-the-minute delivery tracking and suggestions for more cost-effective and faster transport.”

Technology, though, can only handle some of the process. The other part of the equation is the people involved. Schnell said, “XPO made a strategic decision to hire and enable the team with technology while at the bottom of the market. As demand rebounded and the environment became tight, we were in a strong position to help our customers find capacity,”  He attributes this to why XPO is known as one of the most agile brokerages in North America.

XPO continues to update and improve its XPO Connect platform with additional data, visibility options, and features that support growing businesses as they navigate the ups and downs in the market.  “We listen to our customers, create solutions as a team, and then execute on those plans. It’s what our customers expect and what we’re committed to delivering for them.” 

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